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NEW! NAEYC Membership Payment Plan

SAAEYC is pleased to announce a new adopted initiative- a Membership Payment Plan. SAAEYC would like to explore this option with you as we offer a 3 month credit card payment plan for you- we are invested in helping you become NAEYC/TexasAEYC/SAAEYC/SECA members. If interested in learning more, please email: Claudia A. Castillo at You may also download the attachment and fax it to: 210-431-0374.

Membership Payment Plan Agreement

A Couple of Reasons to Become a Member of NAEYC
1. Get great content!
Receive the latest research-based ideas to inspire and inform your work with young children. Choose a journal or magazine full of developmentally appropriate content you can use in your work. Comprehensive members receive six books a year as part of their membership. Read your digital version of Young Children, exclusive articles, and previews of new books in the Members Only area.
2. Save 20% off NAEYC books and resources!
NAEYC is the premier publisher of research-based   books and multimedia for early childhood educators who work with children of different ages and in a variety of settings.  All members save 20% on all products in the NAEYC catalog and online store.


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