• Training Sessions—Committee to arrange for trainers, coordinate with facilities, arrange refreshments, handle door prizes, and other activities related to San Antonio Chapter of TXAEYC sponsored quarterly training sessions. Please contact the Vice President of Programs –Michelle DeLeo
  • Annual Conference—Committee established to plan and implement annual conference. Please contact the Member at Large Annual Conference – Debbie Vera, Ph.D. at
  • AEYC Promotions—Responsible for ordering, tracking inventory, and sale of AEYC promotional items at local conferences and events. Please contact the Vice President of Programs – Michelle DeLeo
  • Public Policy—Committee to monitor local, state, and national legislative issues, to provide members with legislative information and to respond on behalf of SAAEYC. Please contact the  VP Advocacy–Ana O’Connor at
  • Accreditation—Committee to support NAEYC accreditation in the San Antonio area. Please contact the VP Advocacy–Ana O’Connor at
  • Public Relations—Committee to publicize SAAEYC activities and events, and to respond to news stories regarding early care and education of children. Please contact the Member at Large Community Relations/Awareness – Debbie Degollado at
  • Breakfast of Children’s Champions—Committee to plan and implement annual breakfast for community involved in children’s issues and conduct selection of awards as directed by SAAEYC board. Please contact the VP of Advocacy– Ana O’Connor at
  • Member Relations/Activities—Committee to recruit new members, provide opportunities for member involvement, and provide benefits and services to members. Please contact the Vice President of Membership Services – Claudia A. Castillo at
  • Publications—Committee to include a Newsletter Editor, a Membership Directory Editor and to work on other published material for SAAEYC. – Claudia A. Castillo at
  • Nominations/Elections—Committee to prepare and supervise board elections each year. Please contact the Past President- Al Ortiz at
  • Finance—Committee to assist the treasurer in preparing an annual budget and in reporting the current financial situation to SAAEYC membership. Please contact the Treasurer – Elisa Resendiz at
  • Strategic Planning and By-Laws —Committee to monitor long range planning for SAAEYC, and to recommend by-laws changes as needed. Please contact the President- Melissa Williamson at