Are you the next San Antonio Chapter of TXAEYC Leader???

We need YOU! Be a Leader of the San Antonio Chapter of TXAEYC! Apply to join the San Antonio Chapter of TXAEYC Leadership Team TODAY!!! 

As a chapter San Antonio Chapter of  TXAEYC is committed to a diverse leadership on the chapter committee. The slate for upcoming committee appointments will be identified by the Nominating Committee. Candidates are chosen to reflect broad knowledge and awareness of the issues facing the education of early learners. They are selected for their ability to objectively consider the variety of perspectives inherent in decisions affecting the committee’s future, not to represent a group, region, or interest. 

The Nominations Committee is currently seeking applications for the following positions: 

  • Membership Committee Leader/2 – both vacant
  • Emerging Leaders Committee Leader  /2 – 1 Vacant
  • Advocacy Committee Leader – Vacant
  • Conference Committee Leader – Vacant

You can find the job description and the term for each position on the attached document. Submit an application using the following link:

Deadline to submit your application is Tuesday, June 1, 2021 at 5:00 pm.

Why should you apply? The San Antonio Chapter of TXAEYC thrives when a diverse group of members is leading our organization. Your voice and perspective matter – not only to our organization, but to the early childhood community. Serving on the San Antonio Chapter of TXAEYC provides you an opportunity to use your gifts and talents to support high-quality early learning across our city and surrounding counties. We need you! 
Have questions? 
We are happy to answer any questions you have! Reach out to the Nominating Committee by sending an email to

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